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Category : Education
Sub Category : Experimen toy /Sains
Kode Produk : 1009
Stok : Ada
Price : Rp. 67.500

How does it work? The battery provides electricity to the motor, which turns the worm gear at high speed. the worm gear acts as a reduction gear. it turns the axle gear at low speed. The pieces of plastic on the end of the axle are called cams. A cam is simply a circle with a hump. As the cam turns, the hump moves around it. When the motor switched on, the cams make each side of the Robot lift in turn, causing the Robot to make walking movement.

Using cams The Robot's cams turn the rotational movement of the axle into up and down moveement. Many machines contain cams that do the same job. For example, in a car engine, cams open and close the velves that let fuel into the cylinders and exhaust gases out.

Tin can sound The movement of the motor, gears and cams create vibrations that move through the Robot, More vibrations come from the leg as it rubs along the ground. The vibrations are passed to the soda can, and the air inside the can. They bounce around, making the buzzing sound louder. This bouncing is called resonance. You can hear it if you put your ear near the can. If you take the can out of its rings, you'll hear that tho Robot's sound gets much quieter.

Musical instruments Most make use of the resonance to make their sounds. For example, the sound box on a guitar make the music louder because air resonates inside the tube of a trumpet when it's blown. See the effect for yourself by blowing gently across the top of an empty plastic bottle until the air inside resonates.

The sea in a shell if you put a large shell to your ear, you can hear the sea! it's not really the sea. The whooshing sound is sound from the environment around you resonating in the shell.

Robot movement Engineers have developed several ways fot robots to the around. Most roving robots have wheels or tracks. But some have to legs, and walk like humans. Walking is a very difficult problem for robot engineers to overcome, and reliable walking robots are still being developed. However, some robots have been made to jump and even perform somersaults.

Menggunakan batrai 1pcs ukuran AA (belum termasuk). ukuran kemasan 16,5x24x6cm. Berat 1kg volume 1kg

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minggu2 mau nyariin mainan buat anak,4 bln. browsing ketemu TOM.com :) mo beli online tapi ga sabar nunggu barang datang, jadinya langsung dateng ke toko,hehe.. mainannya banyak banget, ampe bingung milihin buat anak. akhirnya dapet deh 4 item..:)
-- fuad,pulogadung --

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