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Category : Education
Sub Category : Experimen toy /Sains
Kode Produk : 1007
Stok : Ada
Price : Rp. 62.500

Let this Solar System Kit inspire your child’s imagination. Paint it as well as add highlights to create a glow effect. Use the glow in the dark paint and watch the planets illuminate. This kit is a fun, hands-on science kit for kids. Assemble your own model of our solar system, then paint the planets and learn about the planets and stars and how they move together.

Made of high-quality plastic material, it’s tough and durable to use. A great brain-stimulating toy to inspire your child’s imagination.

Product Features:

  • Solar system planetarium DIY model
  • 25 accessories
  • 360 rotating stand as well as base
  • Materials have a smooth polish and soft rounded edges
  • Helps develop the practical ability, hand-brain coordination capacity
  • Builds early shape, number, colour recognition skill
  • Enriches astronomical knowledge
  • Inspire children’s imagination as well as promotes their physical and intellectual development
  • Approx product size: 17x4,5x22cm
  • Wight: 1kg
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